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La compassion pour soi-même, vous transporte à l’intérieur de la vibration de la Grâce. ~~ Adama, Carte Telos

Mariages in Telos

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

In a "bonded" marriage, couples may end their relationship at any time they wish, without hurt and obligations toward each other, and start another relationship if they wish. This way, no one stays in a relationship for the wrong reason like you do on the surface. Every couple in Telos is very happy because there is no reason to stay together unless there is a deep love and satisfaction to be with each other. It would be unthinkable for any of us to consider staying in a relationship unless there is total harmony and fulfillment. These marriages are considered part of the many experiences that life and evolution offer. When a couple feel they have come to the completion of their time together, they thank each other for the time they have spent together on the path of life, and they move on; always remaining very good friends with each other thereafter. All they need to do is to apply to the Lemurian Council of Telos for dissolution of their marriage, and it is always granted without any dilemma.

Our second type of marriage is a "committed marriage". It is only in this type of marriage that couples are permitted to have children, and apply to bring a new soul into the community. After a couple has been involved in a "bonded" marriage for several decades or a few hundred years, they may decide that they have experienced each other long enough, they know with absolute certainty that their love for each other is so flawless and long-lasting, that they now wish to make a lifetime commitment to each other.

Since we have become immortals, a lifetime commitment for us would normally mean a very long time in our society, extending into thousands of years. In a committed marriage, there is no more dissolution of the marriage that you would term a divorce. It is no longer an option. For this reason, a couple already in a bonded marriage for a long time has to be very sure of their decision toward each other before they would choose to engage in what is considered a permanent relationship. They stay together until such a time that one of them or both are ready to move on to a higher realm of evolution or service. In this case, one or both would leave Telos to go to the planet or level of their choice. This would happen only after a very long time of their life together, and after their original family has matured to a few generations.

In this type of marriage, one, two or sometimes three children may be born. The gestation period for the mother-to-be is 12 weeks only. The couple has already lived together a very long time in a bonded marriage. They have done and accomplished whatever they wanted to do and experience together as a couple. They are now ready for the next step, having gained enough maturity and know-how to hold such a privilege and honor of sharing a family if they wish.

In our society, we have no orphans, nor children who are abandoned or raised with the difficulties a single parent has to face on the surface. Our family life is so carefully and wisely planned, that our children never have to suffer such traumas as being unwanted, neglected or abused. Each child is considered a precious gift from God, loved and honored not only by the parents, but also by the whole of our community. Our civilization is fully aware of the sacredness of the role of bringing forth children, and this undertaking is never taken lightly and without appropriate training. Only to our more mature and more evolved people is the privilege of bringing forth children granted, giving birth to noble and more advanced souls; thus perpetuating an enlightened civilization.


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