Éveillez l'humanité à la conscience Christique

Calmez votre esprit, ouvrez votre Cœur, et manifestez votre intention d’expérimenter les énergies de guérison. Ensuite vivez l’expérience. ~~ Ahnahmar - Carte Telos.

As Earth Beings, We are one Big Family

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters of earth's surface! For those who do not yet know me by name, I Am Adama, the High Priest of Telos, the subterranean city under Mt. Shasta, where one and a half million of us, Lemurians, are residing. It is my great pleasure to communicate with you at this time to remind you of our love for all of you and to give you a little update on our emergence plan.

In Telos, we are noticing with much delight the rapid changes that are occurring within the spiritual grids of our planet. We are also perceiving the amazing awakening that is taking place within the consciousness of humanity. Dear ones, as much as you may not yet see the full picture of this wondrous progress from where you stand, we in Telos have the necessary technology to be able to, not only see this progress, but to make daily graphs of it on our amino acid computers. We can chart the progress made by mankind day by day in any area of your surface. Each day we notice more people awakening to their divine purposes and mission. The very fact that there are so many of humanity that are now awakening to a better understanding of their Divine Nature, we also know this awakening is no longer reversible and your victory is assured. It is only a question of how many Earth years it will take to reach critical mass. Dear ones, we can honestly tell you that it is happening even faster than ever expected by the spiritual hierarchy.

In Telos and all your brothers and sisters of the "Earth Within", which is a very vast empire of many civilizations, are watching this expansion of consciousness with great joy and anticipation. We are supporting you with our Love and our Light. We are almost like children who are counting the number of days before Christmas; the "Christmas" of our "Uniting" in Love and Brotherhood as one big Earth family. We are watching with delight and wonder the awakening taking place each day, and we know that the time uniting for our two civilizations is finally becoming very close after so many years and centuries of physical separation. When the time of our emergence to the surface comes, it will be a time of love and great rejoicing for the many, particularly for those who are consciously aware of our presence within the Earth and have such a yearning in their hearts to greet us in their homes and finally talk to us face-to-face. The wonders of our "Great Encounter" will be even greater than the magic that Christmas holds for so many of you. Know that we long to be with you physically as much as you long to be with us. Because we are family, it is a mutual desire.

We are also watching the Lightworkers, who have embodied at this time, accomplishing this wondrous mission, leading the way of this grand awakening. You are like brave warriors of Light and we are holding you so preciously in our hearts. It is with gratitude and profound love that we salute and honor you.

The time of our emergence is no longer in the far-away, distant future. It is almost at hand, dear ones. We are no longer looking at decades but just a few short years at the most. Unfortunately, we cannot give you dates, as we are not the ones who are deciding the exact time or date of our emergence. We will come when the spiritual awakening has reached critical mass, not sooner. Shortly we will be granted permission to, once again, start mixing with a limited number of surface people. This exchange will begin to open the pathways for our eventual emergence to the surface, joining both civilizations as One Big Family of the Children of the Mother.

We are beings of love, we live a path of love and we want you to know that we have much love for all of you. When we come, we will be able to teach you a way of life that will help you establish very quickly the foundations for a permanent golden age of enlightenment, love, peace, beauty and prosperity for all on this planet. We will assist you in ushering this golden age that you have been longing for so very long. Just prepare by loving each other more, by seeing each other more like brothers and sisters. In your mind and heart, begin to be receptive to allow us to become your guides and mentors, and I can make you the promise that you shall never regret it.

For the last 12,000 years that we have been living underground, we have established a foundation based on the consciousness of love and true Brotherhood in the subterranean cities, and in Telos. Over these thousands of years, we have been refining the structures of our societies to more and more be in resonance with Divine Principles in every aspect of our lives. Beloved ones, we have witnessed your pains and struggles long enough. It is with much gladness and expectation that we are waiting to come out and show you the way to manifest this reality in your world, so that never again, will there ever be any more suffering on this planet for humanity or for any of the other kingdoms evolving here.

It will not take 12,000 years to accomplish this with our help. We already know how. The melting of our energies through the magic of "Love" can and will bring these wonderful changes for you. Be willing to open your hearts to us and trust that we are not only your friends, but your brothers and sisters of long ago. At soul level, we all know each other very well. We were all family at one time on the continent of Lemuria and it has not changed.

We send you much love from Telos. Love is in great abundance here. We have no problem generating it, and it allows us to live in great opulence. We hold you dearly in our hearts. Until we meet, keep practicing the art of true love which starts with loving yourself. May you all love each other and all of creation as precious jewels and expressions of the Love of the Father.


Copyrighted © Aurelia Louise Jones

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